Zhejiang pot boiler Ltd. (formerly Jinhua City Boiler Factory) is located in the ancient city of Wuzhou humanities elegance - Jinhua, is a research, design, manufacture, installation and service in one of modern science and technology enterprises, China Environmental Science Institute of solid Waste Branch member units, Zhejiang Province environmental Protection Industry Association, is specialized in the production of power station boilers, waste heat boilers, industrial boilers, domestic hot water boiler, the new biomass gasification boilers, warships with auxiliary boiler, waste pyrolysis furnace hazardous waste rotary kiln incinerator, solid waste (chemical waste, bio-pharmaceutical waste, medical waste) pyrolytic incineration equipment manufacturers, with the national A-class boiler manufacturing license, pressure vessel manufacturing license, certification of marine auxiliary boiler plant, boiler installation, alteration maintenance certificate, ASME standard authorization certificate. Professional and technical personnel accounting for 30 percent of the total number of enterprise workers and hire domestic boiler industry, solid waste treatment industry experts as a design leader, the company has passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification.
Strong R & D ability of enterprises to take off the accelerator, as a "high-tech enterprises," pot of gold invested millions of dollars every year as a product R & D funding, the company established a research and development center, has a professional, experienced engineers and technicians. Its self-developed a number of products obtained national patent. Hold the tip of the boiler field pulse, the company introduced the German TechTrade International (GmbH) company's advanced solid waste pyrolysis technology companies and the establishment of the "research" base with Zhejiang University, China Institute of Metrology, etc., will be converted into the latest scientific and technological achievements productivity, and to lay the technical impregnable fortress pot of gold.
"Five hundred streams unity" - all things rests with gold, wood, water, fire, earth five elements, musts, Five one "pot of gold" in the increasingly competitive market environment, integrity and harmony operations. Companies unite the industry elite group of modern business management experience, in accordance with the modern enterprise management, the establishment of the various functional departments, strengthen management, and work goals down to every post. Yang brand sails, exhibition quality wings, created a brilliant business.